Lucia Comnes 'How The Moon Made Me'

How The Moon Made Me

by Lucia Comnes

Like a star invisible by day / I hang in hiding very small / And though the constellations are many / I am alone and I have fought for this autonomy /

chorus: Let me spread my wings they will carry me / As midnight strikes against the sea / I'll escape from rules of gravity / How the moon made me /

From this place I cannot rise nor fall / Below the deep ocean calls / Dare I cut the ropes that pull and keep me / From returning into the mystery /


Beyond the jagged coast / Two bodies collide / Father let me go / Lasso the tides /

With a face of silver cupped by black / A lantern of memory in tact / Centuries of sailors tracked her satellite / In orbit glowing through the night /

chorus / How the moon made me

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